Taking Care of yourself


Do you suffer from anxious thoughts? Here are some tips that are sure to help you instantly.

1. Take a breather


Breathe in sync with this gif. It will help bring your breathing in sync and increase the oxygen in your system.


2. Use meditation apps 

This method is perfect when you need a quick yet discreet remedy. When you are in the middle of an anxiety attack and there’s no other option but to hope it passes quickly, meditation apps are a life saver.

I recommend using this meditation app called ‘Headspace‘. Headspace is meditation made simple. Learn online, when you want, wherever you are, in just 10 minutes a day.

3.Get active.

One of the most important things one can doto cope with anxiety is to get regular cardiovascular exercise. For instance, a brisk 30- to 60-minute walk “releases endorphins that lead to a reduction in anxiety.”

You can start today by taking a walk. Or create a list of physical activities that you enjoy, and put them on your schedule for the week. Other options include: running, rowing, rollerblading, hiking, biking, dancing, swimming, surfing, step aerobics, kickboxing and sports such as soccer, tennis and basketball.


4. Sleep well.

Not getting enough sleep can trigger anxiety. If you’re having trouble sleeping, tonight, engage in a relaxing activity before bedtime, such as taking a warm bath, listening to soothing music or taking several deep breaths.

And, if you’re like many people with anxiety whose brains start buzzing right before bed, jot down your worries earlier in the day for 10 to 15 minutes, or try a mental exercise like thinking of fruits with the same letter.

5. Say an encouraging statement.

Positive, accurate statements can help to put things into perspective. Anxiety is just a feeling, like any other feeling .and “This feels bad, but I can use some strategies to [cope with] it.”

6. Stay connected to others.

“Social support is vital to managing stress,” Today, call a loved one, schedule a Skype date or go to lunch with a close friend. “Talking with others can do a world of good.” Another option is to get together and engage in an activity that improves your anxiety, such as taking a walk, sitting on the beach or going to a yoga class.

7. Avoid caffeine.

Managing anxiety is as much about what you do as what you don’t do. And there are some substances that exacerbate anxiety. Caffeine is one of those substances. The last thing people with anxiety need is a substance that makes them feel more amped up, which is exactly what caffeine does.

8. Contact a therapist.

“Sometimes anxiety can be difficult to manage without professional help, Talking to someone in a safe and confidential space can help sort out those thoughts and feel supported and safe.


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