Our Charges

We regret to notify you following recent changes in the financing arrangement for voluntary sector organisations in Harrow, we are no longer able to continue offering free counselling sessions.

In order to continue the provision of our services, we shall ask our clients to make a contribution based on a graduated scale of charges.

Please be notified that these charges come into force with effect from: Monday, 1 April, 2016.

Fee Category ·         Fee rate
Tier 1  (income under £10,000 per year or in receipt of benefits) ·          £12
Tier 2 (income between £10,000 – £24,999) ·         £25
Tier 3 (income between £25,000 – £49,999) ·         £35
Tier 4 (income over £50,000) ·         £45

NB: Institutional, Health Insurance Companies referrals and, Clients covered by private or employer health insurance cover will pay the full commercial rate currently £85 per session.

*To receive therapy on the first top 3 tiers, evidence is required to ensure that the lower tiers are kept exclusively for those who most need it.

Approved evidence includes:

An award notification showing current rates of benefit

A written statement of benefits from Benefits Agency staff

Bank statement showing benefits paid in

Bank statement showing state pension paid in

Notice of state pension award from the DWP

Please speak to our staff in case you need any clarification

Thank you